Wednesday, Aug. 09, 2006, 23:54,

insurance and books

A big wavey HI to Shell, Ben, Gary (whoever he may be) and Michele! (Sorry, I can't do accents on here). Anyone else who's reading and not tagging, shame on you :-)

I sorted out my insurance today - it took longer than I expected, because the guy in the office had to phone the underwriters to double check it was ok to insure me. Getting travel insurance with a terminally ill parent is really a pain in the proverbial. Mum's going to face the same hurdle when she comes out to see me (9th and 10th of September - I haven't even left yet and I'm already looking forward to it!).

So all that remains to be done is a lot of sorting out, tidying and packing, and perhaps a little work on my dissertation. I'm presently cataloguing my books though - I'm up to 372, so probably a little under half way through. I want to have them in a sensible kind of order before I go, and hopefully put some of the younger ones up in the loft - at the minute, I have 8 boxes, as well as the ones on shelves. If I tell you I haven't finished cataloguing the ones on the shelves, so there are easily over 400 of those, and I haven't even started on the ones in boxes...

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