Monday, Aug. 07, 2006, 13:22,

less than two weeks

Everything's done except for the insurance, the packing, and sorting out a place to stay for one night while I'm between rooms. In two weeks, I'll actually be half way through the first day of my language course.

The weather banner isn't working at the moment - I'm quite sure the temperature in Grenoble isn't actually 0 degrees. If it is, I don't think I want to go any more.

I've just about finished making my packing lists - they are, of course, far too long and I probably won't end up taking everything I think I'll take. I'll probably take a lot of stuff I end up not needing or wanting, and leaving something really essential behind. But never mind. It's going to work out cheaper to buy a lot of stuff there, than to take it with me, because of Ryan-Air's luggage allowance and policies.

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