Thursday, Aug. 10, 2006, 23:24,


Well the current security alert is making next week's journey look a bit exciting; hopefully they'll either be back to allowing hand luggage by the time I go, or they'll let me check 30kg rather than 20. Otherwise, going by train is an option, although it will take a lot longer and be more expensive. In a lot of ways, I'd prefer to travel by train - it's better for the environment, and I enjoy trains, whereas I hate flying. However, going by train takes 11 hours and 9 minutes (not including to and from the stations). Going by plane ... is faster. I think. Something like six hours, for a guess, though I can't remember the exact times just now.

Not that I should complain - coming back from Singapore this summer took me 33 hours, or was it 36, I don't remember.

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