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I've finished my coursework for the year! Hurrah. I still have to give one presentation next week, but I've prepared it and I don't think it should be too stressful. In any case, there's not really anything else I can do towards it. So now it's just revision. Two weeks from now, and I will be half way through my exams - I have four; two on Monday 28th, one on Wednesday 30th and one on Friday 1st of June.

This weekend the other Jo came to visit me - we did Grenoble and Chambéry, both of which were very nice. We had a fondu dinner (chocolate, of course) with the remains of our original language course, which is now down to me, Jen, Stefan and Sascha - and Gatien, of course (Sascha's boyfriend). There may be more photographs, but this time I think I should say "in due course" rather than "soon", because last time I said "soon" it turned into two months.

Weekend coming, my cousin Pippa and her boyfriend are coming to stay - I haven't met him yet, but I'm sure he's lovely. So I need to catch Sascha in some time soon to borrow her vacuum cleaner.

So the adventure is nearly over - lectures are finished, apart from this one presentation, there are only exams left. And then a bit of travelling, and then resits, and then home. I'm getting the Eurostar back as far as Ashford on June 30th, then a lift to Ipswich on July 1st, from Ipswich I shall get the train home. I can't believe it's gone so fast - it was really slow for a while between getting my passport stolen and the first time I went home, but apart from that it's gone in a blink. Of course, this means I shall get back to UEA and it'll be like I never went away, except that many of my friends will have left. I like Grenoble, I'll be sorry to leave. But I'm sure I'll be back, definitely to visit. Probably not to live, although one of these days I hope I do get to work in a Francophone country.

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