Wednesday, Oct. 04, 2006, 17:20,


I have a phone again, and a new number. If I haven't already let you know what it is, and you would like to know, send me an email. I also have a new purse and a new keyring, but while these things were hugely exciting to me, they don't really impact on anyone else.

Huge thanks are due to Karen, who posted me the aforementioned phone - and included a bar of chocolate, which brightened up my day no end!!

I'm planning on a photo entry sometime soon, but this depends on my choosing the photos, putting them on my thumb drive, and uploading them. My thumb drive doesn't work in uni, where the internet is free, so it also depends on my going internet cafe-ing during Happy Hours.

People who know me well will also be amused to hear that I spilt water into my computer keyboard yesterday morning. Fortunately, this time round I was sober (if not quite awake yet), it was a lot less water, and I was able to dry it out successfully. The computer still works just fine, although a couple of the keys will never be the same again from where I pulled them off to dry underneath them and haven't managed to put them back on properly.

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