Thursday, Sept. 21, 2006, 17:37,

stolen bag

Anybody who has my French phone number ... you don't any more. My bag got stolen yesterday, with everything in it - passport, room keys, phone, wallet, student cards, money, debit and credit cards. You name it, if I needed it it was in that bag.

So why the hell did I think leaving it on full view in the back seat of a car for a couple of hours while I wandered off round the mountains was an ok thing to do.

Anyway, it's done, so there's nothing I can do about it. I've stopped my bank cards, I've had my lock replaced, I'm in the process of getting my passport replaced and tomorrow I'll go and sort out my student card. Bit of a stress out though, and we spent a lot of last night in the police station.

I got some brilliant photos though.

I still don't have internet at home, now I also don't have a phone, or a letter box key.

In due course, when I have access to some more money again (I had a bit in my French account, which I only picked the card up for today so that wasn't stolen or stopped, so I'm not totally broke, but close to it), I will buy a new phone. And a new key ring, and a new wallet, and a new handbag.

Oh wait, this blog was supposed to reassure future erasmus students that it wouldn't be as bad as they were expecting. Sorry guys. Just don't go up in the mountains and then leave your bag in full view on the back seat of a car which is in a nearly empty parking lot in the middle of nowhere. Let me guess - you knew that already. The worst part is, the insurance doesn't cover theft from a private car unless the stuff was in a locked boot or glove compartment.

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