2006-05-09, 2013,

application form posted

Posted my Grenoble application form yesterday. They wanted a transcript of my grades as well, so I got last year's one. This year's looks terrible - because I haven't done the exams yet - so I just made a list of all the units I've done, along with their short descriptions from the enrollment enquiry system, and Duncan signed it and stamped it to make it look official. Today I'm going to fill in my CUEF form for the presessional course. We discovered that the English part of the site was incomplete, but you can download the correct form from the French part. Should have known not to try to do things the easy way!

And I got insurance quotes from Endsleigh yesterday.

Today I'm also going to quit my job - have to give a month's notice. So it's all looking somewhat closer now. It's not a month til I go, but I want some time to work on my dissertation before I actually leave.

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