2006-04-15, 8:21 p.m.,

accommodation and pre-sessional language courses

It occurred to me earlier today that I probably ought to start sorting out little things like accommodation rather soon. Last time I looked at the accommodation sites they didn't have any vacancies showing - I assumed that was because I was looking too early. In fact, it's probably still too early. I can't remember when I found out about my accommodation for UEA, but it certainly wasn't before April. In fact, it was probably more like August.

I also had another look at the presessional language course website. The one I want to do is the Passerelle, which runs from the 21st August to the 1st September. However, I just downloaded the pre-registration form (pre-registration?? How many hoops do I have to jump through?) and although this course is listed on their calendar, it does not appear to appear on their form. So now I'm panicking that they've already filled all the places even though Duncan (who is handing over to Irene, who I've never met, next year), says that last year people weren't enrolled on the language courses until May, and so I shouldn't panic.

I am, however, a very effective panicker.

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