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L3 results are out, and I have passed Systemes a Base de Connaissances and Analyse Spatiale; I have not passed Analyse d'Images/des Données. Overall, I think I'm quite pleased.

The resits for La Région and Climatologie were yesterday and the day before. You turn up around 8, and sign up on a list - first come, first served; the exams are individual, oral and at ten minute intervals (unlike the first sitting, which are just regular exams). On Wednesday I was there at 8 and my exam was at 0955 (except they were running about half an hour late by then). Yesterday I was there at about ten to eight - to discover that the exams had in fact started at 0745; guess the staff were there early! I got the 0815 slot; people who arrived at 8 were signing up for 0935. So it pays to be a little early, although on Wednesday most of the students were there before the list went up, so it was just a case of getting to the front of the scrum quickly.

It's a bit hard to tell when you're meant to go in, as they don't call your names or anything, just open the door and say "next one". Once you get in, there's a selection of folded bits of paper, and you pick one - it's like a lucky dip. Then you have ten minutes to think about it and make notes before the examiner comes and gets you. You get a further ten minutes to present everything you know about the subject on the paper - and that's it. It's relatively painless. For La Région you got whatever subject you got, but for Climatologie they let me choose again twice, because I looked a bit panicky after the first two. I don't know if that went for everyone - I think so - or if they were just being kind to me because I'm foreign.

Today I need to do the laundry. Contrary to what it says on the information sheet, there is not a laundry in the Home residence. Well, there is, but residents aren't allowed to use it. So you have to walk about half a mile to the public laundrette.

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