Thursday, Jan. 04, 2007, 16:12,

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One exam down, three to go! It was a lot better than I expected it to be - for a start, I actually woke up in time and made it to the exam, which was my biggest worry. And I managed to write an essay, nicely structured and not too waffly. Think bits of it may even have answered the question. I have heard variously that being an Erasmus student means you get 4 marks just for writing your name (out of 20), and that this particular lecture marks up foreign students. Here's hoping both are true. I also got my climatology test back - 9 out of 20. Not brilliant (a pass is 10) but exactly what I'd expected, and one mark ahead of Sophie. Who is French. Go me!

I received excellent customer service twice today. Normally I get grumpy when I try to go shopping / negotiate bureaucracy, so it was a pleasant surprise. Thanks go to Jean-Paul in Orange/France Telecom for (hopefully) sorting out my internet - I should be connected from home in 7-8 days (have I said that before?). Thanks also go to SÚverine in LCL for looking through every single cheque book issuing slip to try to find out why I'd been sent - and charged for - a cheque book I hadn't requested.

In order to celebrate, I went proper shopping and bought the DVDs of Footloose and Ally McBeal Season 1. Both have French audio as well as English, so I might will watch them in French.

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