Thursday, Jul. 20, 2006, 18:21,


Exciting news, I know where I'll be staying next year! Finally. I found out this morning - with just a month left before I leave. Now there's a thought to make me sick with fear. Anyway, I am in a studio apartment (for less than my rent has been in either of my shared houses, or my halls of accommodation, I think). I have a bed, a bookcase, a desk, a chair (I hope it's a comfortable one), a bathroom with WC (I hope that by bathroom, they mean it has a shower!), and a kitchen corner with a hotplate and a refrigerator. Hopefully also a sink, but we'll see - I may have to do my washing up in the bathroom sink. Or in the bath ...

I still have to sort out insurance, and other little things, but I've got my plane ticket, I've got my accommodation (finally!), and in just a month I'll be on my way.

The appartment is 14 metres sqared - works out as ... about 3.7m by 3.7m. Nearly as big as my parents' living room - all to my very own self!

Ooh it's exciting. I will try to keep you posted as and when new developments occur.

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